There are different opinions on what constitutes the perfect brewing temperature, but Tim’s opinion is that a range of 92 – 96°C is necessary to fully extract the flavours of the coffee.

Most coffee brewers have too low a brewing temperature, leading to a more sour, under extracted brew. Most brewers reach the ideal range eventually, but by then, too much under heated water has gone through the coffee, and the damage is already done. Conversely, the water should not be too hot, as this will extract too many of the bitter compounds in the coffee.

The graph below shows that the Wilfa Precision has the most precise temperature, achieving 93°C immediately, while other leading coffee brewers take as long as 60 seconds or longer, or in some cases never reach the correct temperature range. This level of precision is made possible by our precise pump system that distributes precisely heated water to the coffee faster. In addition, the filter holder is double-walled, to better insulate the coffee and water while they steep.

The optimal brewing time; 4-6 min.


Tip: Be sure to let the coffee cool somewhat before you drink it. The flavours will stand out much more once it is no longer piping hot.