We love our coffee in the Nordic region, and the coffee maker is at the very heart of our traditions. It is the first appliance we turn on in the morning, and the last to be turned off before bedtime. To many, the first cup of the day is almost a religious ritual, a moment where everything is centred around that steaming hot cup in our hands, before the hassles of everyday life take hold and we are on our way. A simple, honest brew we can’t stand the taste of before we come of age, and which we later can’t seem to live without.

At Wilfa, we know coffee. You could almost say it runs in our blood – over the last 50 years we’ve contributed to millions of big and small “coffee moments”. We have seen the trends develop, from big mugs bearing the words “World’s greatest dad”, to small, thick-bottomed cups with Italian writing printed on them. As is often the case with trends, the pendulum has now swung back and more and more people are rediscovering the original expressions.

We have developed our own series of products called Wilfa Black, and for this we have put in our very best efforts. We have made use of all our knowledge, enthusiasm and passion, and have allied with Tim Wendelboe, one of the world’s most influential, uncompromising and highly awarded baristas. The result is coffee makers which recreate and develop “the Nordic coffee.”

Posted 5. September, 2014 in News